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Anglia Microwaves have supplied Microwave components and subsystems to the UK’s Defence, Communications, Industrial and Educational markets since 1976.

Today we also focus on commercial Markets for low cost FM CW Radar and millimetre wave technology in the markets of Automotive, Intruder detection, Robotics, Flow Metering, Agriculture and other applications that require the accurate measurement of speed and distance in hostile environments.

Stock List

Philips Obsolete Microwave transistors: 
BLF 543, BLF278, BLF244, BLW50F, BLF521, BLF245,BLF544, BLF242, BLF358, BLF177, BLF175, BLF177,BLF147,BLF542,SA630N BLV958,BLA1011-10, BLA1011-200, MF1011B900Y, MX1011B700Y

Other stock:
TESOEL Microwave switch TS6



Products: High performance Microwave and Millimetric (V and E band) Antenna , Double Ridge Waveguide High Isolation coupling, Automotive radar antenna, 5g phased array antenna.

Market/Application Sectors: Test and Measuring, Microwave Communication systems, Automotive, Cellular.



Products: Millimetric RADAR/RADAR sensors VCO’s, Millimetric Transceivers.

Market/Application Sectors: Industrial measurement, Intruder detection, Educational projects, robotics, Automotive ,vehicle motion/distance measurement, Telecommunication infrastructure.



Products: Microwave Electro Mechanical switches DC-26Ghz.


Market/Application Sectors: Antenna selector Switching, Test and Measuring, Telemetry, Instrumentation.

Quantum Microwave


Products: Millimetric Waveguide Components Passive and Active to 110Ghz.

Market/Application Sectors: Millimetric Microwave Systems, Test and Measuring.

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